Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finally, Spring, but now it's gone again

Saturday was by far the closest to Spring-type weather we've had. Sunny and warm for the most part. Lyndsey and I started the day off on Blanchard Mountain for a change of pace.

Lynz not so stoking on the steep, wet 2 hour climb

Mustering a smile

Still not fun yet

Not yet

Okay, now it's fun!
Kyle of Transition Bikes called up just in time for me to catch a second ride for the day. Conflicting schedules keep us from getting together as often as we'd like, so with weather like this I jumped at the chance to take a rip with him.
Kyle dropping in

Myself over the road gap

Kyle over the road gap

Kyle on a hairball rock face
Now the weather is back to the normal wet/dreariness of the Pacific Northwest. Boooooo.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spectrum teams podium at Port Angeles DH

Our two sponsored teams, SpeedyBeavers and DirtCorps, held multiple podium spots at the Port Angeles, WA Dry Hill DH race last weekend. Congratulations are in order!

Speedy Beaver's Dawn Lambert - 1st place Expert Women

Speedy Beaver's Joy Mutoli - 2nd place PRO Women

Dirt Corps' Chase Schmidtt - 1st place Sport Men 15-18

Dirt Corps' Matt Patterson - 1st place Expert Men 30-39

Dirt Corps' Brian Guse - 2nd place Expert Men 15-18

Dirt Corps' Jim McCracken - 2nd place Beginner Men

Congratulations to the Speedy Beavers and Dirt Corps riders for excellent representation in the first WA race of the year!


Monday, April 07, 2008

Old School

Jesse "the Dude" Hooks sent me this old school photo that I took about ummm...5 years ago. Man, has it really been that long? Doesn't seem like it. Anywho, it's the best trailside repair I've ever seen, AND he rode it out of the woods on a gravel road nearly 10 miles back to camp!

There's no telling what other awesome photos were lost during the great computer crash of 2005.


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spectrum Introduces Cape Line-up for 2008

We at Spectrum Techwear are happy to announce our new line of riding capes for 2008.

The Flight Control, above, is specced with waterproof/breathable SpecTex FDR5000d-ish and offers fully independent thermo cloaking abilities. The dual bilateral extrusion baffles keep crud away from your chamois, while the plastisol impregnated exoskeleton keeps the cape rigid enough to gain 16 nanoseconds longer average flight duration.

For now, the Flight Control is the only available model, and will retail at a very reasonable $325. The future does hold more though, as we are currently testing our prototype Wayfarer XC and Duh-Huh DH model capes.

The Wayfarer XC

The Duh-Huh DH

Happy April, fool.