Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spectrum Introduces Cape Line-up for 2008

We at Spectrum Techwear are happy to announce our new line of riding capes for 2008.

The Flight Control, above, is specced with waterproof/breathable SpecTex FDR5000d-ish and offers fully independent thermo cloaking abilities. The dual bilateral extrusion baffles keep crud away from your chamois, while the plastisol impregnated exoskeleton keeps the cape rigid enough to gain 16 nanoseconds longer average flight duration.

For now, the Flight Control is the only available model, and will retail at a very reasonable $325. The future does hold more though, as we are currently testing our prototype Wayfarer XC and Duh-Huh DH model capes.

The Wayfarer XC

The Duh-Huh DH

Happy April, fool.


Acadian said...

LOL...good one. I want one of the Wayfarer cape. with that on I'll look like an Ewok on my bike ;o)

Dr Greenthumb said...

I have the original pics of the unveiling at the video premier. I thought Wyld Willy only pulled out the cape for entertainment seeing as the keg was starting to get that hollow sound, but damn if them ain't in production already!! They flow like a Tennesse waterfall man....a real thing of beauty...gots to get me one of them!!

chris said...

Brilliant! Damn you Canadians are progressive!