Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun times in Canadia

March 9, 2008

Josh, Seth, Dennis, Taylor, and I drove north an hour to hit Ledgeview and Vedder in BC. The day started out pretty wet and slippery, but the further down the mountain we got it started hooking up pretty good. Once we got to Da Plow, the flow was on!

Dennis sending the 35'er for the first time!

Seth booting the 50'er

Myself finally working up to the waterfall gap.
It turned out to be a pretty monumental day, since 3 riders each hit their biggest gap jump yet! All above photos by Taylor Keaton
It wasn't over yet though. Josh, Seth, and I continued over to Vedder for a couple shuttle runs. Seth's fork lost it's rebound and his ride turned to crap real quick, so Josh and I rode the backside trails together for a lap.

Josh dropping in at Vedder
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Later! --Brad