Friday, March 07, 2008

Leap Day, 2008

Having friends in the bike industry is great. No matter what your problems are, you're never afraid to bring work home with you and go for a spontaneous ride. I wasn't so stoked since it was raining, but Taylor showed up ready to ride, so into the Chuckanut Mtns we go!

Do you know a good mechanic? How good is he? Does he carry a multitude of tools in the floorboard of his car? Taylor Keaton is that good. It's gonna be a good ride.

Have you ever seen this sign while aboard your two-wheeled stallion? Well then you know the world of pain that is about to ensue. It's never exciting, but somehow still gets my blood pumping.

Taylor climbing up through the clouds. This is one of my favorite pics that I've taken. The sun breaking through the clouds made the climb interesting enough to take some of the pain away.

Above the clouds

Getting into some tech gnar on the flipside

What, bikes only? Suweeet!

Fragrance Lake

Taylor on some more tech gnar high above the rim of Fragrance Lake. Pretty sketchy off-camber entrance with lots of slide marks where people have gone off the side.

Nasty view from the Two Dollar trail. Sometimes you just gotta get outside and pedal.
Once you're out there, it's usually way better than you ever expected.

As always, the Dude abides. Happy Leap Day!