Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spectrum owner moves on to round 2 in mountain bike photo contest

Brad Walton, owner/rider/amateur photographer of Spectrum Techwear, won week 2 of NSMB.com's Money Shot photo contest last week. The Money Shot contest is a 3-stage contest open to all amateur photographers based on mountain bike photos and judged by professionals of the industry. Dan Barham, a Vancouver, BC freelance professional photographer, picked this photo as the winner of week 2:

Kendall "Dangerous Darnell" Isenhour on the Shore

Brad says: "I have been very hopeful towards the Money Shot contest this year, mainly because last year brought about epic contributions in the places I was able to travel to ride, the number of great athletes I have as friends, the awesome scenery surrounding the trails, and the feats of amazing greatness witnessed by the camera. It's a collection of images that I am very excited to be able to look back on. I was a bit surprised that this photo won, as I had seen several people's photos in the contest that struck my eye and others of my own that I perceived as better than this one, but the amplitude of the subject matter in this photo was key. I'll have to say, it was one of the craziest days on the bike that I can remember, and it's cool that this experience now impacts a broad audience. Most of my pictures are just high-end snapshots, taken with minimal setup time with a nice camera. That's kinda how it goes when you're out there mainly just to ride! The best part about any of my pictures is that they are of my best friends."

The week 2 winning photo moves on to round 2 where it goes head to head against 4 other weeks worth of winners. The photo was made with a Nikon D70s camera and Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 lens.


Seth B said...

It's about time someone caught on to your pics!! Congrats man!! Keep em comin'!!