Friday, March 07, 2008

Metzger down

I received some awful news yesterday. While riding some steep-gnar yesterday afternoon with the Transition Crew, Mike Metzger (Transition/Spectrum) hit a big tree and basically de-shouldered himself, putting an early end to the 2008 riding season. Mike is awaiting surgery for his clavicle and scapula (collarbone and shoulder blade). As you can see by the x-ray, it was a substantial impact. Being a man of his stature, we're hoping the tree pulls through as well.

As usual, Mike is in good spirits. It's very difficult to come to the realization that one of your bros is seriously injured from riding. We take for granted our health on a daily basis and assume that the next ride will be just as good or better than the last. Despite numerous injuries that go along with being an athlete on the level of riding Mike is at, this is his first broken bone. You didn't have to go all out Mikey! Doctors say this type of trauma is most often seen in cadavers.

Mike brings a unique style to the table, and eats his plate for dessert. He's as well-rounded a rider as they come, and somehow is always able to find a new line wherever we go. His energy and enthusiasm for riding is contagious. Always stoked to lend advice and offer tips to newbies, Mike is a great representation of all the good our sport has to offer!

Here's Mike at the end of a 35 mile ride in Utah. Pedal power is no problem for this guy! Even a rainstorm in the desert won't stop him from taking full advantage of the terrain.

Waiting around in a parking lot to ride has never been so entertaining!

And for the record, this isn't the motocross Mike Metzger. If you have a hard time differentiating, it should be pretty obvious by this point so get it together! Mike throws tricks smooth and with authority.

Accidents happen, everyone crashes. Best of luck Mikey! We're all pulling for ya!


Seth B said...

Bummer!!! Scapula and clavicle....damn!! Get well soon Mike!! Call me when you need some PT advice!!